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At Skin Beautiful we recommend Dr Spiller skin care to all of our clients and also use it regularly during our skin treatments.  The Dr Spiller philosophy promotes and supports the skin's own natural functions.  Dr Spiller sees the skin as a living organ and it protects, regulates, breathes and even produces it own moisturiser.

Most moisturisers contain water and when applied to the skin, the moisturiser sits on the skin surface and slowly evaporates. Dr Spiller however realised that the skin is waterproof and by encasing a water molecule into oil, it can penetrate into the skin where it is more effective. Dr Spiller also discovered that by using fruit acids, AHAs and glycolic acids, you are damaging the skin. Dr Spiller respects the skin’s natural acid mantle and does not strip the skin of its natural oils.

Skin Beautiful can help you with these 5 primary concerns with the Dr Spiller Skin Care range:

  • Ageing
  • Dehyration
  • Pigmentation
  • Sensitivity
  • Breakouts

Dr Spiller has 8 different cleansers, 2 exfoliants, 4 toners, 24 skin correctors, 26 moisturiers, 5 eye care products and 9 masks that you can use at home.  With Dr Spiller, Skin Beautiufl really can treat any skin condition.  Contact us today for your complimentary skin assessment. 

Dr Spiller Facials

With Dr Spiller Facials, your beauty therapist can use many different types of cleanser, exfoliants, moisturiser, serums and masks. Your beauty therapist will look under the woods lamp to see what products should be used with your dr spiller facial. Some of our Dr Spiller Facials uses a special type of mask that when applied, it pushes all the serums and moisturiser used in your skin treatment into the deeper layers of skin. Other types of facials are anti-ageing, congestion and hydration. Many of these advanced facials uses serums and are often 1 ½ hours long. Other types of facials are 1 hour long and if you are short on time, a mini skin treatment takes 45 minutes. The Enzyme Hydrating Facial can be done in your lunchtime and has a enzyme peel to remove dull skin that will leave your skin glowing.



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