Omnilux Light Therapy

Skin Beautiful uses the medical grade Omnilux

Omnilux LED light that Skin Beautiful uses is a medical grade device that is used in health care.

Omnilux uses a narrowband Light of Emitting Diodes that deliver pure, optimised, narrowband light via LEDS that is positioned carefully over the client. Depending on your skin conditions, your therapist will either put you under a red, white or blue light.

Omnilux Revive is the red light and is used for skin rejuvenation and for repairing of the skin by stimulating collagen production and repairing of uneven skin tone. The skin appears clearer with fine lines disappearing and the skin is plumped up and hydrated. Omnilux Plus is the white light and is used for healing, stimulating collagen, psoriasis and the reduction of wrinkles. Omnilux Blue is for moderate acne.

For acne, it is recommended to have Omnilux blue combined with omnilux red. By comnining Omnilux red and Blue light, it will destroy the bacteria responsible for your acne, stimulate cell growth, and it will decrease inflammation and pore size. When the Omnilux red is combined with the Omnilux Plus, the skin is stimulated into the deeper layers of the skin, heals the skin and is good for psoriasis, reduction of wrinkles and for wound healing. This helps to reduce scarring and wrinkles.

Omnilux is also for anti-ageing.  As we grow older, the cells that manufacture the skin's supportive structures begin to slow down. Environmental damage from the sun's rays speed up this process and produce free radicals that damage the skin and the cells taht produce collagen and elastin. Omnilux combination light therapy targets specific cells that are responsible for the synthesis and repair of the skin's supportive structures, leading to a softening of fine lines and improved skin tone.

A client can have alternating sessions of red, white and blue light. The Omnilux Light treatment can also be included in any Skin Beautiful facial.

The effects of just one treatment of Omnilux is a clearer, brighter and smoother complexion. After a course of Omnilux treatments you will begin to notice an improvement in the tone, clarity and texture of your skin. Studies have shown that 80% of people reported a softening of fine line and 75% reported improvement in skin softness and smoothness.

What happens during your treatment?

After we cleanse and exfoiate your skin. We will protect your eyes with safety eyewear during each session as the Omnilux device will be positioned close to your face. Each treatment will take approximately 20mins.  You can go back to your normal routine after your Omnilux session.



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