Electrolysis Hair Removal

Are you worried about your unwanted hair?  Don't be, most women at sometime are concerned about unwanted hair.  This is why hair removal is such a popular treatment in beauty salons.

Can you get rid of unwanted hair permanently?  Yes, electrolysis is the only proven way to permanently remove unwanted hair.  The treatment works by gradually weakening the hair until it gets finer and they no longer grow.

Which areas can be treated?  Virtually anywhere on the face and body.  Any area where you have been using a temporary method of hair removal. Most commonly, women have thri top lip, chin, breast, underarms and bikini areas treated.

How will it feel?  The hair root area is where the growth cells are located and treated. For just a short moment, the sensation will be heat and a slight sting.  This is normal and does not continue after treatment.

How long will it take?  The process is gradual, due to the different hair growth cycles. The period varies from person to person.

Is it hygenic and safe?  Yes, we only use sterile disposable needles. A new needle is taken from the packet in front of you, so there is no risk of cross infection.

How do you start?  You will have a consultation with one of our fully experienced therapists.  She will need to ask you some medical history questions, to establish what may be the cause of your unwanted hair growth. It is important you haven't waxed, shaved or tweezed the area recently as the hair needs to be 1 to 2mm long.  You can discuss the treatment, what happens and why at your consultation.

Diathermy: Electrolysis for Red Veins (Telangiectasia)

Fine red capillaries and spider veins on the face and decolletage can be simply and easily removed.   Very few treatments are needed for excellent results.

These dilated capillaries, often found on the cheeks and nose, are caused by the loss of elasticity in the capillary walls.  There are various causes, although most often they are due to an inherited factor or from sun damage.

A series of pinpricks with an electrolysis needle along the length of the damaged capillary is made, causing little dams or blockages along the vessel.  This stops the blood from flowing into the area. Once the section of the blood vessel is not receiving blood, it will collapse, tissue will be reabsorbed and that area will not be apparent as a red capillary any more.  Sometimes a single treatment will fix the problem, at other times, a short course is needed.

You will be advised at your consultation with an experienced therapist what to expect.  This is a very simple procedure, but it has dramatic results.  Treatments are short, usually 15 minutes or less.  A little reddening of the skin is apparent, but that calms down very quickly.  On rare occasions, there may be a few pin dot sized scabs appearing a day or so later.  These quickly fade.  It is important these scabs are not pricked or exfoliated and allowed to heal naturally,


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